Wednesday, 31 August 2011

what a week

So finished my first week of work, been very tired and admittedly not all that great on the food, but doing the best I can .. well hasn't really been the best, more so laziness.
Shopping this week has been a good one though, bought lots of fresh fruit and vegies and even bought some kangaroo sausages to give that a go - fingers crossed they taste OK!!! After shopping I chopped up lots of fruit: Honeydew melon, watermelon, pineapple, strawberries, apples, oranges and kiwi fruit (bananas weren't ripe yet)and made a big bowl of fruit salad. Following that I divided it up into 4 containers, which then serves as my morning tea at work for 4 days, yay money saving!! Also bought some more yoghurt and muesli to have for breakfast, as well as some UP&GOs, this way I can chop and change a bit, and also helps for when I'm in a rush or not.
Once I've got the eating under control, which I'm going to work really hard on the next couple of weeks, then I'll work on the exercise - which is DEFINITELY going to be happening once the challenge officially starts, I have NO EXCUSES!!

On another note ... today has been crappy. My feet are aching something chronic. Work was good until about 1pm then everything went to shit. And to top it off, when I returned to my car I had left the headlights on and had a flat battery. So hard to get someone to pull over and help!! But got a couple of nice people that finally helped, one lived across the road from where my car was and had 3 batteries to try, but all those were dead, so unfortunately no help, but the gesture was there :), and then got another nice person to pull over and got it working, so made it home at least!! Won't be forgetting to turn my lights off again in a hurry!!

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