Thursday, 25 August 2011

1st day back at work

Had my first shift back at work today, was pretty exciting, hard getting out of student mode though!! Anyways in terms of food/exercise and what not, it's nice to be back into somewhat of a routine. Depending on my shifts, I'm more forced to have breaks between eating, and I'm not grazing like I do at home.
I haven't packed my lunch as of yet, but I've made good choices when buying. For my morning tea break this morning I bought a yoghurt and a fruit salad - and even in the canteen underneath the items it says "eat frequently". So even at work they're encouraging healthy eating! Though being in a hospital you'd wanna hope they do lol.
Trying to keep up my water intake too ... helps having a bottle to be able to refill over and over too :)
MY biggest weakness is still V though. I just can't seem to bring myself to lessen my intake, I'm just addicted. And then I think well how much damage can a liquid really do anyways? Since I pee it out about 10 mins later anyway, and caffeine also gets me going in the other department >_< (sorry tmi lol). Excuses, excuses, excuses, I know :(
Yesterday I worked out (using my pretty new FT4) that jogging/walking around the block, I burn 116 calories and takes me about 10 minutes. So I'm aiming to work up to being able to jog/run the WHOLE block, I'm estimating it to be about 1km and hopefully burn MORE! But yes that requires some more fitness, and me to stop thinking in my head that everyone in their houses are looking at me going "OMG look at that fatty try and run!!" or "ROFL look at the jiggling fatso". Yup those are the things that run through my head and generally stop me from exercising outdoors.
I really need to work hard at getting all this negative mentality out of my head and look at the positives. That I am actually trying to do something to fix my weight.

On another note, in terms of goal setting I have set myself a big goal and that is to join my buddy Alysha in the Rio Tinto Ride to Conquer Cancer next year - a 240km bike ride that raises money towards cancer research and awareness. So got some big training ahead of me! I'm just glad it's a RIDE and not a RUN!! haha

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