Monday, 15 August 2011

Pre-Season begins today

So the Michelle Bridges 12WBT Round 3 pre-season starts today, I’ve read many good things about it, and some amazing success stories. This has inspired me to begin my own journey - again -. I'm signed up and ready to go!
I have attempted weight loss countless times, and my biggest loss in the past has been 20kg, BUT that was in ALL the WRONG ways - depression, illicit drugs, bulemic tendencies. I’d put it all back on again and then some (it usually happens like that doesn’t it?) and recently managed to lose 10kg again, only to put it back on again. It’s just excuse after excuse, and I’ve had enough - and I’m sure my SO has had enough of me complaining and whinging but not doing anything about it.
It’s time to take responsibility and I’m hoping with fingers and toes crossed that MB 12WBT is the be all, end all of the battle with the bulge for me.
Currently I’m a size 16 … Ok probably closer to a size 18, but I’m in so much denial that I’m actually a size bigger that I’d like to believe, it hurts. I need to be true to myself.
My goal is to be a size 10-12 by November next year, when I would like to get married (engaged 3 years running now). I just don’t want to be a “big” bride. I want to look and feel beautiful and the way I am now, I just don’t see that being possible.
So now I’m just waiting on an email from Mish, to see what the first pre-season task is, so I can set my mind to it!
OH and expect a before *shudders* and after pic soon! Need to build up some courage first!!

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