Thursday, 18 August 2011

Excuses, excuses and more excuses.

Task 2 today was to write down a list of our excuses and separate them into Internal, External (controllable) and External (uncontrollable). My list is big no doubt, but actually writing them down, gosh do I feel silly. Really I'll make any excuse not to cook or exercise. Me and the other half will "argue" about who is going to cook, where time just goes by, neither of wants to cook so either it will end up being a sandwich for dinner or we'll go out and buy take-away. Now that sort of leads into another excuse - I can't afford the gym or a PT, yet I can afford take-away???!!! That makes a whole lot of sense doesn't it?
Michelle discussed in her video Analysis Paralysis , and it hit me ... that is EXACTLY what I do. I think and think and think and I say to myself "I'm gonna blah blah blah" ... or "I should blah blah blah", both followed by a "I'll do it later" and it just never happens - this has been me for the last 5-6 years. I think too far into the future. I need to start thinking about the now and just SMALL steps at a time!! Basically as the mantra goes "JUST F&%@ing DO IT!!!!"

My excuses are silly and pitiful, and it is no wonder the other half gets peeved off with me for constantly whinging and trying to help me by telling me to do something about it, and my response is generally "yeah, yeah, yeah, next week I'll start I promise" ... 2 weeks later still nothing. Seeing my before photos I see that I not only WANT to do this, but I NEED to do this. I want to be happy again within myself. I am my own worst enemy and as much as the other half has had enough of my excuses, I have had enough of my excuses. No more!! Time to start following through and get real.

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