Sunday, 4 September 2011

Only one more week to go!!!!

So woke up this morning to find Task #7 available to us. To "Organise and Diarise". Getting pretty exciting now!! Only one more week to go until the official round kicks off! Whilst I haven't exercised much over the last 3 weeks, I do fully intend and commit to beginning my 6 days a week exercise regime once the round kicks off. Also in this last week I have a couple of 'red flag' days, Father's Day x3 (my fiance, my Dad and my fiance's Dad), my fiance's birthday, his PoP's birthday, and then visiting his family up the Sunshine Coast, which we always drink at, but it's been about a year since we've been there, and I rarely drink anymore anyways (is that an excuse I hear?!)
I'm enjoying shopping now. I love seeing the trolley full of healthy stuff when reaching the till, rather than seeing nothing but processed, packaged crap/junk. It makes me feel good and look forward to cooking!
Planning will be somewhat difficult for me, especially as I am a shift worker. My roster is received fortnightly, unlike most other staff within my workplace, who receive theirs monthly. But it's OK, I can work with that. Basically my planning will consist of exercising in morning before work/after dropping kids off or in the afternoon after work/before picking kids up or if pushed for time, my fiance can pick up the kids and I'll go for my workout, but I intend not to miss a single one! Also we'll be able to plan who cooks when (we generally take turns as we both don't like cooking), and plan a big cookout day for preparing frozen meals for during the week and what not. So yeh I have the plan in my head so far, in how I HOPE it is going to work out, now just hoping it works out like this realistically and I guess that is where the diary comes in. Biggest thing will be planning around sudden changes, as they do happen.
Well I'm excited, and got my diary out to start planning! YAY! Oh AND I'm also doing my registration for the Rio Tinto Ride to Conquer Cancer this week, to join my buddy Alysha on her team next year! Can't wait!!

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Alysha said...

Woooooop! OMG yay so excited that you are going to register :D I might come over one day soon and do the organising thing with you cause im no good at that stuff haha :) Xoxoxo