Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Planning my day

Day 2 today, and I think I'm going alright ... apart from a massive tooth ache as I believe my wisdom tooth is coming in, it stopped me from eating my carrot snack yesterday ... though I'm still getting used to eating raw carrot.
The worst I had was a couple of mouthfuls of coke last night, other than that I drank water, water and more water - just picture me running to the toilet lots and lots haha.

This morning has started of with a lovely breakfast (pictured below), dropping the kids off at kindy and school and now I'm home alone with my cat (she really is fat, like my blog link). Now I'm deciding what to do, tossing up between a few things, well not so much tossing up, but thinking of what order to do it in.

1. Go see my buddy Alysha and pinch her scales and run! :P Nah we're doing this together so lots of visits over the next few weeks!

2. Clean up the house - my 2 year old loves tearing the place apart 5 or so times a day. I just hate cleaning, but I guess that's just another excuse, after all you burn calories doing it right?

3. Go to the athletics oval and walk/jog/run some laps since my gym membership is on freeze until the 24th of Aug :(

So while I'm deciding on that, I may just go browse over the 12WBT forums. I've also decided I'm going to try and take as many pictures as possible, of food, myself, exercise, etc, to help monitor my journey. Pictures of me just make me cringe though, I'll take one and then automatically delete it.
I've got a very personal blog in the making too which I aim to release along with one of the pre-season tasks, which will give insight into how I got to where I am today.

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