Friday, 19 August 2011

Shopping :D

So this morning I did some shopping with my buddy Alysha <3. The motivation behind my little shopping spree is the 12WBT, and it has definitely boosted the motivation I already have. I got some new (more) gym clothes to work out in. A couple of new skirts (want to feel more feminine, as I just don't they way I am now, I feel frumpy and fat). I bought Michelle's Crunch Time cookbook .. have read it start to finish and I'm in love!! SO I'm thinking ... since going back to the shop this afternoon lol, of buying her Crunch Time book then lol. Also I am going to order a Polar FT4 once the other half gets home. I was given a choice - the gaming mouse I want (I play World of Warcraft) which is $130 OR get the FT4 for $112 (discounted website price) ... so since my weight is more important to me, and I feel actually seeing how many calories I'm burning, will push me even further and hopefully allow me to see bigger number losses on the scales. And THAT reminds me that I also need to buy some new digital scales as my old ones broke - I could stand on them 6 times in a row and the number looking back would vary from 5-10kgs each time, broken much?

Currently I'm still riding high and feeling very excited, despite the fact that I haven't really done a lot of exercise since the pre-season started, the most I've done is the 2km walk/jog down at the athletics track. BUT what I HAVE done, is started to change my eating habits. I'm weighing out my snacks, I'm not constantly nibbling on something. Having breakfast everyday - yoghurt, muesli and strawberries. I finished the chocolate in the fridge, but where a row of 4 little blocks would usually be gone in a minute, I spread the last row over 2 days and then had one little piece in the afternoon and one late at night .. now the block is gone, NO MORE CHOCOLATE! I've still been drinking my V, but I'm aiming to cut that down too (It's soooooooo good though).
Next week my gym membership comes off hold, and also I start work, EEEP!! So crunch time is going to happen!!!

This weekend will be a bit of a splurge for me. I have my daughters 2nd Birthday tomorrow, so will have cake. But rather than a BIG BIG piece, I'll go much smaller. It's just so hard going cold turkey! I'm working on little steps at a time over the pre-season, to make it easier, but I guess I'm sort of making excuses too. Also I learned today that I actually like Honeydew Melon!!! I'm slowly aquiring better tastes, which is a good thing as I am generally a VERY VERY fussy eater. I basically never liked ANY vegetables, whereas now I can eat a fair few more than I used to. I loved watermelon back when I lived in Holland still, but as soon as we moved to Australia I just couldn't eat it anymore ... it took me 16 years to be able to eat it again! So I am making an improvement and I am trying my hardest to get myself to try new and different foods that I previously didn't like, to expand my options for healthier eating.

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