Friday, 9 September 2011

Task #8 / Week 1

Been a busy week with work orientation, and also due to not having all the required materials, I haven't yet completed task #8, but will have by the end of the weekend. I'm buying some new scales, pretty Tanita ones, and following that will take all my measurements, as well as new before photos.

Fitness test completed last night, and I'm only JUST on an intermediate level, although I know that after a week of exercise and getting back into it, I will be sitting there comfortably.

Shopping for week 1 is also done! Expensive, but it looked really healthy! Will also be trying some new things for the first time, scary stuff! Went to make a banana smoothie this morning, only to find that I have no idea where the lid to my blender is :( *Cries*, so for me it's an excuse to buy a NEW glass blender hehe (at least it's a GOOD excuse not a BAD one!!

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