Monday, 4 June 2012

Week 1 Kick off!!!

Kicked off today with a BLAST!!! Came home from my nightshift at 8am, but I was good and had breakfast before I left work! Had a sleep until about 1:30pm, then had lunch followed by walking to my son's school and back, which is a 4.4km round trip. That started my work out off. Finished my work out with my ab work and boy am I feeling the pain!! Tomorrow is going to kill!! But I'm not going to let it hold me back from doing my work out!

Feeling good having had good foods and drinking lots of water. I'm feeling hungry at the right times, as in when it's time for my next meal or snack, which means that the food is carrying me through. Hopefully I see a little result on the scales on Wednesday!

I'm planning over the next week to scour the internet for motivational posters/pictures, and make up some of my own memos and reminders that I can post on the fridge, in the study, in the bedroom, etc. I want to do it right this time and that means giving it my all and listening to each and every suggestion.

I do still have a giant fear of failing though, which I am working on pulling out of my head and fill it with confidence to succeed instead. I seriously think too negatively too often and my fiancee tells me that too, that I need to stop thinking so negatively, think of postive things, and well there's another goal to add to my list! "Be able to think POSITIVELY!"

Signing off now, going to finish cooking 'Nat's Lasagne', looking forward to eating it!!

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