Thursday, 21 June 2012

1st red flag day... not quite busted

Yesterday was my first 'red flag' day ... it was my 24th (almost wrote 21st haha), birthday. It was mostly an ordinary day .. too low on cash to really do anything, but being my birthday of course I wanted a bit of a treat. I blame my polar FT4 >_< Displaying a birthday cake. It put the inkling thought into my head and well later I said I'd really like some cake .. and we bought a strawberry fields torte from the cheesecake shop BUT we only bought a HALF one, rather than the usual full one, so that at least helped stop constantly nibbling at cake. I was satisfied with my one piece of cake and again actually felt kind of sickly after having eaten it.

I do feel somewhat guilty though, as the scales yesterday morning reflected a 100g gain and no loss, and yet I still chose to have cake. I still had a good work out though, burning 320 calories. But that doesn't really justify it either. I guess this is my head trying to rationalise all my choices to somehow make it seem ok. But really it's not ... it's just another excuse.

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