Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Take-away cravings

Today I was hardcore craving this:

But I didn't cave in!! Luckily tonight on the menu for me was Thai Chicken Burgers, which tasted yummy and definitely aren't as fatty.

After reading through the calorie counting book a few days ago, I was put off take-away, merely for the fact that when I added up what I would eat, it came to 1700 calories! Which is more than my daily intake! Usually on a typical night when we would buy take-away, it would be the $25 McDonalds favourites dinner, which includes:

- 2 Big Macs - 2 Quarter Pounders - 2 Medium Fries - 2 Small Fries - 6 nuggets - 4 Medium Cokes

Out of this list, I would have 2 of the cokes, one of the medium fries and 1 big mac and 1 quarter pounder. It makes me sick thinking of it now, and am glad I haven't eaten a single ounce of fatty take-away over the last 2-3 weeks. Definitely an improvement from having take-away 2-4 times per week, just because it was convienient and didn't require cooking. Laziness in other words.

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